Positive response to local farmer’s biodiversity project

August 27th, 2021

With the subjects of biodiversity and sustainability more topical than ever, Naas Oil Co. Ltd/The King Group is pleased to announce its support of one local part-time farmer who has been working on a five-year project on both subjects.

Patrick Byrne from Killabban, Maganey, Co. Laois is only at the early stages of his project, however has generated much interest.

His own interest in both subjects goes back over three decades, when he began working in maintenance and groundworks, later beginning trialling and developing specialist crops.

He began experimenting with crops and soil preparation, becoming more interested as his new project progressed.

Putting all of his knowledge and experience together, Pat wasn’t long in founding Byrne Biodiversity.

Following his meeting with many ecologists over the years, Pat had the opportunity to engage in a 5 year Bio-diversity/Sustainability trail with funding from the Agri-Ecology Unit of the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Farm Plan Scheme.

Stretching across five acres, his project includes wild bird covers and a beetle bank with new hedgerows and pollinator plots, with no chemicals or fertilisers used at any stage.

Byrne Biodiversity has not been long in making a name for itself.

Speaking to the website AgriLand recently, Pat spoke of the positive results of his project, which he will be monitoring closely over the coming Winter months.

“To date, the combined actions applied are delivering positive results that have the potential to address sustainability in various agricultural enterprises. Results can be achieved with any enterprise.”

Naas Oil Co. Ltd/King Group wish Patrick the very best in his venture and we are pleased to support him over the coming months and years.